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How To Remove .odin extension & Restore .odin Encrypted Files

Get Detailed Information on .odin extension

.Odin extension ransomware is a new version of Locky ransomware virus. The con artists proliferate the Odin threat through malicious script files attached to the junk emails. Once the script is executed, a malicious file is downloaded and executed using the Windows program i.e. “Rundll32.exe”. Then after, it encrypts and renames the various files, such as .doc, .ppt, .html, .xls etc. stored on the infected machine. Besides, .odin extension has an identical behavior to its previous version Locky. However, rather than adding a ".locky" or ".zepto" file extension, this version appends the ".odin".

The encrypted files are renamed using "[Victim ID]-[4 symbols]-[12 symbols].odin" pattern. For instance, "text.jpg" might be renamed to "E56S4541-W90G-7I23-9X1Y-7L63Z10V5JK6.odin. After following the successful encryption, .odin extension creates three files (, "_HOWDO_text.bmp" [set as the desktop wallpaper], "_5_HOWDO_text.html" and the "_HOWDO_text.html") and places them onto the desktop. All the three files contain identical ransom demand message. The victims are informed that the system files are encrypted by using an asymmetric cryptography.

Therefore, two keys public (encryption) and the private (decryption) are generated during the process of encryption. The message states that private key is stored on the remote servers which is controlled by the .odin extension's developers. In order to receive this key, the victims must visit one of the provided Tor Project links. Then, victims are provided with the detailed instructions regarding the payment. However, the cyber crooks attempt to sell the decryption tool with an embedded private key for 3 Bitcoins which is currently equivalent to ~$1843. Never try to pay the ransom money because the restoration of file are not guaranteed. Hence, the only solution to this is to get rid of .odin extension from your PC immediately and retrieve files from a backup.

Note: Follow the instructions given below in this article in order to eliminate .Odin extension from your infected PC, and then go for the data recovery process.

Instructions To Delete .odin extension Manually From System


Step 1: End Fake Processes Related To .odin extension From Task Manager

  • You need to press Alt + Ctrl + Del keys together to open Task Manager.
  • Now, tap on the Processes tab.
  • Select the processes related to this ransomware and click on End Processes button.
How To Remove .odin extension & Restore .odin Encrypted Files

Step 2: Uninstall .odin extension From Windows Control Panel.

  • Open Run command by holding Win + R keys together.

  • Type “appwiz.cpl” in search box and tap on OK button.

  • Control Panel will appear on the PC screen, select the suspicious programs and click on Uninstall button.

How To Remove .odin extension & Restore .odin Encrypted Files

Note: The aforesaid methods are quite complex and can be followed by the technical experts only. Actually, if you remove any important processes or files accidentally, then it will affect your system severely. In such a case, you are suggested to use Automatic .odin extension Scanner.

Learn To Eliminate .odin extension Automatically From Computer

Automatic .odin extension Scanner supports user-friendly interface that can be used by the professionals as well as the beginners also. It is especially designed by using some powerful algorithms which provides the optimum protection to the system against this ransomware virus and other malicious stuffs.

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How To Decrypt Files Encrypted By .odin extension?

The Automatic Scanner will only help you to delete .odin extension infection from your machine. If you want to recover your encrypted files, then you can make use of the Data Recovery Software. It is one of the best recovery utility which carries the ability to retrieve files either they are damages, encrypted, deleted or severely corrupted from the drive.

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